TRANSPORTEX sets new directions


We'd like to invite everyone to take part in an upcoming trade fair

TRANSPORTEX Transportation and Shipping Fair 2019

which will take place on 16-17 April 2019 in Expo Silesia in Sosnowiec


 TRANSPORTEX Fair is a perfect place for companies to demonstrate their achievements and present trade offers while at the same time sharing their knowledge and learning from their peers. This event is dedicated to people working closely with and within the transportation idustry looking for solutions for their own company.


 TRANSPORTEX Transportation and Shipping Fair is organized with B2B meetings in mind, which creates the perfect enviroment for meeting representatives from industries like logistics, shipping, automotive, manufacturing, distribution, warehousing as well as legal, institutions and media.
 This edition will also feature a new segment that was very sought after by many of our visitors lats year, Trailer Showroom where producers of trailers will present their latest and best as well as custom made trailers for special tasks..


 During the last edition we've hosted the following events:

  •  Transport Meetings organized by TSL Biznes
  •  Discussion panel: Logistics and Warehousing: Opportunities and challenges for Silesia Metropoly
  •   Presentation of investing opportunities in Lesser Poland voivodeship
  •   Course dedicated to GDPR